Bureau of Internal Affairs


The primary goal of the Bureau of Internal Affairs is to conduct complete and thorough investigations into allegations of misconduct by Department members while maintaining compliance with existing Department and Bureau directives, thereby establishing the innocence or guilt of accused Department members.

Core Values

The BIA understands misconduct undermines the CPD’s relationship with the community. When misconduct is reported, the goal of the BIA is to come to a resolution and correct any behavior that is contrary to the Department’s Mission. The Bureau of Internal Affairs is committed to:

I. Treating complainant(s) impartially and respectfully.
II. Conducting thorough, objective, and timely investigations.
III. Updating complainant(s) on the progress of the investigation.
IV. Ensuring transparency.

BIA Mission

To ensure integrity and ethical conduct within the Chicago Police Department through leadership, education, and accountability.


For all reports of alleged misconduct, a log number is generated. This is a unique tracking number that remains associated with the investigation. It serves as a reference. In most circumstances, COPA has the authority to determine which agency has jurisdiction to investigate the complaint. Usually, it is COPA or BIA that will conduct the investigation. Log numbers referred to BIA are promptly assessed and a preliminary investigation begins. Then, a BIA investigator is assigned, and they contact the complainant, collect evidence, locate and interview witnesses, and interview accused CPD members. The investigator continues to work on the case until a fair and complete conclusion can be reached. The progress of the investigation is monitored by BIA supervisors.

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The following section is a repository for important documents. These pdfs could be related to anyhting about the 19th district. This would be a great space to put beat meeting minutes or any documents that have to do with crime statistics. It is meant to be a flexilbe space since not every district will have the need for this section. Theses documents can stay here forever or be more seasonal content.

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